miércoles, julio 09, 2008

Tal cual

Lo posteó Uralita y lo copy-pasteo porque es muy bueno:

You have a chronic addiction to blogging if:

1. You are constantly thinking in a “writing mode” such that each word is carefully chosen to fit the tone you’re thinking for an entry.
2. You see one interesting situation or experience something of human interest and your brain furiously starts putting piece by piece of words and you just can’t wait to be in front of your computer.
3. You spent wasted time just staring at your homepage and be all-smug on how cool you think it is.
4. You are perpetually racking your brain for “something” to write about.
5. Your spare moments are spent reading other people’s blog.
6. When you’re online, you like to check your blog stats as if it would, somehow miraculously, have significant changes over a period of five minutes.
7. You just can’t decide which blog template or theme you’d like to use forever
8. You are forever rearranging the widgets in your sidebar and editing stuff in the dashboard
9. You kick yourself when something worthy of a picture happened and you forgot to bring your camera. My! That would have been a nice thing to write about!
10. The first thing you do when you go online is, usually, to check your blog site
11. Logging in to your blog host has become part of your daily ritual.
12. You’d really rather sit in the computer than wash the dishes
13. You like to google for plug-ins and widgets that you think you may need for your blog.
14. You try your darnedest to understand even just a bit of html codes and all the terminologies that go with the territory
15. You insists blogging is just a hobby
16. When you haven’t been online for sometime, words, phrases and sentences keep wadding in your brain you don’t know how to compartmentalize them into logical subjects anymore
17. Your most favorite place in the world right now is in front of your computer. When you’re not in any part of the house, you’re sure to be in front of the computer.
18. You’ve grown to hate the spammers in your comments section out to ruin your blog and you are often tempted to write them a hellish letter in their contact mail
19. You sometimes lose sleep over writing
20. People in your house often find themselves talking to the back or side of your head because you just can’t take your eyes off the computer.
21. They’d be lucky if they even hear a mumble from you when you’re in the middle of writing.